Magic of Modeling: Tim Gunn

celebrity stutterers modeling Aug 29, 2022
Magic of Modeling: Tim Gunn

Think this international fashion consultant always had a knack for telling people what to do? It turns out the famous Tim Gunn is just like many of us in the Pro90d community. He had a severe stutter for 15 years. After intensive speech therapy he overcame his stutter to be one of the most commanding presences on television on Project Runway. 

Tim Gunn grew up outside of Washington DC and admits that he would often pretend to be ill to avoid situations where he would need to speak. Whether to doctors, friends, or his family, he was teased relentlessly and missed out on a lot of his early life because of fear and shame. He is an excellent example of how hard work and discipline can train you to stop stuttering. 

This is where the magic of modeling also comes in. Model yourself, model your story, after Tim Gunn. Intensive training and dedication are key ingredients in the Pro90d program. Do you know what we offer that Tim Gunn didn't have? Community. We are a community of people trying to make our lives more meaningful through the practice and methods of modeling. There are so many success stories that come from coaching, self-study, and even our affirmations and self talk series. Are you ready to level up and fashion yourself into a new version of yourself? It is really time to start Pro90d. 

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