Magic of Modeling: Ed Sheeran

ed sherran modeling modeling stop stuttering Sep 19, 2022
Magic of Modeling: Ed Sheeran
Could you imagine being in a stadium singing with nearly a hundred thousand people watching? Or being on live TV with millions watching, and it being recorded? These are pinch me moments that not everyone will ever get the opportunity to experience, BUT you should not limit your dreams because of speech disfluency. 
This week's Magic of Modeling subject is Grammy winnner, Ed Sheeran. He has billions of views on Youtube, graced hundreds of stages worldwide, and sings his heart out to adoring audiences around the globe. However, when he was born, during a surgery to remove a port wine stain, doctors failed to properly anesthetize him. He claims that this led to a childhood stutter. 
He described himself as an awkward child, who could not communicate properly. He possessed a stutter, but he also possessed an immense talent for music. Ed's father was determined to help his son. He purchased an Eminem, rap, CD, and Ed memorized every song, every word, and recited it with incredible ease. This is modeling!!! This is what we do in Pro90d, and this is how we can overcome stuttering. 
Just as Ed Sheeran listened to Eminem and began practicing modeling a rapper, you can find someone to emulate and start modeling. We can help you in this process. We offer a variety of ways to learn proven techniques to stop stuttering by modeling and many other strategies. Whether you sign up for coaching or self study, we want you to succeed. Join our community and stop stuttering and start speaking smoothly! 

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