Does Online Speech Therapy for Stuttering Adults Work?

online speech therapy speech therapy adults speech training why pro90d Dec 20, 2021
Does Online Speech Therapy for Stuttering Adults Work?

Does Online Speech Therapy for Stuttering Adults Work? This is a loaded question for two reasons that we are going to address in this post. 

Speech Therapy is most effective for children because many speech disorders emerge during the first five years. If you are finding this post and you have children that struggle with stuttering or their speech, we wholeheartedly recommend that they visit a speech therapist, but can also use Pro90d. Pro90d works with kids on the level of confidence and practicing speaking. One of the biggest benefits to children who struggle with speech disfluency into pre teen and teenage years is fearing speaking up in school, Pro90d is a great supplement for this. 

While speech therapy for children is great, speech therapy for adults is not a singular solution. Speech therapy really helps adults with linguistic exercises but does little for psychological factors that may be residual from years of trauma or blocks in speaking from fears. Pro90d, even private coaching with founder Michael Williams, is not psychologically based, but rather based in the science of repetition and mindfulness. 

Pro90d uses science-based solutions for speech in a customized combination for adults of all speech abilities. Some adults struggle with speaking in high-pressure situations, while others struggle in everyday situations. No case of adult stuttering is alike and there is a myriad of reasons and causes for blocking, stuttering, speaking too fast, and all manner of speech disfluency. The reason we think speech therapy alone is not a solution is that there are so many types of disfluency and all cases vary in degrees. 

Adult Stuttering can be solved with online training and remote coaching, but you need to keep in mind that the workings of adult stuttering are complex and to really tackle speech fluency, you need to go about it with a number of remedies. First, get an assessment by Michael Williams here, second go ahead and see speech therapists. These work hand in hand, but do not have to both be done. Many times our students have already had years of speech therapy to no avail. Second, get ready to really make a commitment to your speech. Are you ready to commit to your speech? 

We constantly see students who are improving their speech and their quality of life. See our testimonials here. You know why this program is so different and why we think online speech therapy for stuttering adults really works? It is because we are teaching much more than speaking exercises, we teach confidence, mindfulness, and we also offer community. Our network is in the thousands and we are ready to welcome you! 

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