Overcoming Choppy Speech with Pro90d

choppy speech common speaking challenges smooth speaking series Jul 21, 2021

Welcome Back to our 7 Common Speaking Challenges series. We are on our 4th Speaking Challenge on Stopping and Starting Speaking. This session is specifically designed for those of you who struggle with what we call choppy speech. Choppy speech where you start and stop, start, and stop is typified by airflow not being maintained and some of the causes and solutions that you'll find are in the Smooth Speech Pro90d System, but we will go over some now! 


Choppy Speech is, believe it or not, a pattern of speaking. It's a style of speaking. It's something that you've gotten used to doing, and many people assume that it is something that they are not able to help.  It is neurological, however that doesn't mean that it's not something that you can can’t stop stop,  correct, or can overwrite. You can correct it, even if it's neurological. 


I have overcome choppy speech and have  helped thousands of other people as well.  I've watched people transform their speech, no matter how severe this choppiness is. So some of this choppiness comes from the way a person has just been used to speaking whatever the reason is choppy speech comes from failure to maintain airflow. The breakage in airflow reduces constant and smooth speaking. 


Another factor in choppy speech is failure to finish a thought and interrupting yourself. When I speak really fast and chop my words, then I'm also chopping my thoughts off and ability to communicate. One of the solutions that we talk about in the pro 90 Smith's speech system is training oneself to finish their thoughts, finish what you're saying and finish your words.


When you're speaking to people in a meeting and use choppy speech, you're trying to explain yourself, and you want to demonstrate that you comprehend a subject or are intelligent, these speech challenges make it very difficult for people to follow you. Learning to finish thoughts is one of the pillars of the Pro90d method. 


End Choppy Speech Exercise 

Now let's get to a solution for learning to maintain constant airflow. We have an exercise called the free flow speaking exercise, and we also have proactive speaking skills.

One of which is learning to blend your words, blend your words, to maintain constant air. So if you want to learn how to blend your words and you want to practice what we call the free flow speaking exercise, you want to learn all about that and incorporate it in a holistic system.


Simple techniques and strategies can revolutionize your communication ability because when you're speaking smoothly and you're maintaining airflow, it also allows you to access your prefrontal cortex, your thinking brain, to access the information that you have so that you can do what I call stream the information like you're streaming a video.


You can stream your thoughts. You can communicate what you want to say. When you want to say it, the way that you want to say it in a way that's smooth, that's clear. If you are not using techniques to reduce the friction between your thoughts and your words, you're simply not projecting a confident and intelligent individual. 


If you are looking to project confidence and to pursue new heights professionally, you did not think possible,  we offer complete coursework in a variety of budgets. Pro90d is a complete system here where we not only deal with your speaking style, that is the physical aspects of speaking, but we also deal with the psychological aspects of speaking well and of being confident and being calm. So I wanna encourage you to enroll in that course so that you can speak more smoothly and not speak in a choppy manner.

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