Quick Wins for Clear Speech with Online Speech Training Pro90d

extending speech tips tips for clear speech Jul 20, 2021
Quick Wins for Clear Speech with Online Speech Training Pro90d

We are going to go over one exercise to practice two things. This practice helps you extend your words more, and inflect in your tone. It's called a Free Flow Speaking exercise. There are several phases to this.  

One phase is where you take in a super deep breath, speak until you run out of air. So this can help with your lung capacity, your ability to speak longer when you need to. Take a super deep breath through my nose. And then I'm going to speak relatively slowly and while I'm speaking, I'm extending my words. And I'm not thinking about what I want to say, I'm just continuing to speak while I exhale and let the air out. Speak until you actually run out of air. While I was exhaling, I extended my words, and I just said, whatever I wanted to say.


In the next phase, you speak regularly but pause for breathing in three phrases. So it is three breaths, first breath, second breath, third breath, in three distinct phrases. So you don't take the deep breath, just three breaths, three phrases, how can you use this to practice extending your words, when the first one, you take the super deep breath through your nose, and you extend almost every word that you're speaking while you exhale.  What this does is helps you get control over and practice extending your word. 


Altogether it looks like this, phase 1 you don't want to stop, you don't want to take any breaths, you don't want to think you just want to speak while maintaining airflow, and that second phase, you're speaking more naturally. So you're saying a phrase, and then you're pausing, then you're taking another breath, and you're saying another phrase, then you're taking another breath, and you're saying a third phrase. Now, you want to practice extending your words that way. So the first phrase, you want to practice extending your words. And the second phrase, and the third phrase, you do the same thing, 


That is for extending words, but you can do the same exercise, practicing inflecting your words. So if I were to do the three phases where I take a normal breath, I would take a normal breath, and I would practice inflecting on some of my words, then I would take a pause and take another breath and practice inflecting on some of those words, then I would take another pause and say a third phrase, practicing and adding inflections. Take the same breath and practice inflecting or modulating your voice. Now you already do this naturally. Sometimes when you're talking to your family or friends or you're excited. You probably modulate your voice. Take note of that when you start to practice this exercise deliberately. 

Practice this exercise for these two speech techniques. One phase, take a super deep breath through your nose. Speak while extending all your words. Don't think about what you're saying, just maintain airflow. Second phase is you take a little short breath, say a phrase pause take a breath, say another phrase pause take a breath say a final phrase. During each of those, you practice either extending or inflecting while you speak.

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