Self Talk and Affirmations for Interviewing: I am worthy of a high salary

affirmations self talk Aug 09, 2022
Self Talk and Affirmations for Interviewing: I am worthy of a high salary

Self Talk and Affirmations for Interviewing: I am worthy of a high salary- stay with this a minute. How often do you spiral out of control thinking about the next thing you are going to say, and then just find yourself thinking of all the reasons you ARE NOT WORTHY? What a waste of time! We talk about flipping the internal narrative and it is really important to flip this one. Let's talk this week about all the reasons you are worth more money and how to talk yourself into it. 

You are qualified. 

You made the cut. You are in the interview. Your speech does not determine your worth. It doesn't! You are not your speech. You are not what is going to happen in the interview, and you are absolutely qualified, so you should make more money. 

You are just as good, if not better, than the competition. 

You do not know who is interviewing, but if you secured a spot, you are what they are looking for and you are matching the competition. 

You are who they are looking for. 

You were CHOSEN. You are just what they need and you deserve to be compensated, regardless of your speech. 

You deserve to make a high salary. 

We did take the long way to this affirmation, but you need to see why you should be in the room and fight for the salary that you deserve. It is so easy to back down and fall into a shame spiral of what you did wrong in past interviews, but that is not that time. You deserve the salary offered. 

You know what makes this affirmation so powerful? It is what is behind it. You need to psych yourself up. Not with the ideas of what the salary can afford you, but with the idea that you, YES YOU, are worthy. 

Let's take worth and speech out of the same space in your mind. Are you ready to separate your speech fro your worth, are you ready to reach for bigger salaries, better lives, and easier communication? 

This is how our affirmations and self talk work. Let's get started. 

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