Self Talk and Affirmations for Interviewing: I am in Competition with No One

affirmations interviewing affirmations self talk Aug 02, 2022
Self Talk and Affirmations for Interviewing: I am in Competition with No One

Welcome to todays self-talk and affirmation for interviews that absolutely change your life. Today, I am in competition with no one, but myself. How powerful is this concept? It allows you to take accountability for your performance. Ignore distractions, especially all the noise in your head telling you you can't be as good a speaker as other candidates. Perform to your highest potential because it is a new moment and you aren't competing.
You have already won an interview. Your chances of getting this job are already great. The way other candidates speak has nothing to do with their qualifications. Focus only on yourself. This is a hidden distraction so many speakers get caught up on- their past performance as a reflection of in some way losing against other speakers.
Try shifting the narrative. You are a member of a conversation. You are creating a new moment with another speaker- you are not in competition with anyone other than your own thoughts.
You are accountable for your performance and you can speak clearly, and win the job.
You can!!!

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