Self Talk Script for Interviews: I am pleasant and have a smile on my face

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Self Talk Script for Interviews: I am pleasant and have a smile on my face

Self Talk Script for Interviews: I am pleasant and have a smile on my face is one of the best self talk scripts we have in our Self Talk and Affirmations series.  We cannot stress enough how much this particular self talk can truly change how you present in interviews. By telling yourself you are pleasant and smile, you really do it. You are pleasant and you smile! Let's break down how this works. 

When you smile, you immediately relax. How can relaxing help you in interviews? Relaxation is the best thing for those who suffer from speech disfluency. Part of the ways we struggle as stutterers is the anxiety of speaking. In interviews, this anxiety can be crippling and amplified. Smile. Just smile. Look what happens to your whole body when you smile. Think of a happy memory. Consider moments where you felt very content. Then let a smile spread on your face. This is where the magic of affirmations and self talk take place. Feel yourself relax. Then move through some of the other affirmations and self talk from our series here. 

Next, let's discuss, I am pleasant. This is really tricky. For those of us with speech issues, we don't often have the best self esteem. When we say to ourselves, I am pleasant. That might trigger some pretty nasty self back-talk. We are really hard on ourselves and replay poor speaking performances and most of it is in our minds. When we are in front of an audience, your audience wants you to succeed. They have vulnerabilities too! Many speakers ask those in front of big audiences to imagine them in their underwear. We second that, except think that everyone has insecurities. Yours is speech. 

Move forward with the knowledge that your audience wants you to succeed, and they find you pleasant. You are pleasant when you are being your authentic self. Work through this. 

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