Singing to Stop Stuttering: Marc Anthony's Story

celebrity stutterers magic of modeling Sep 05, 2022
Singing to Stop Stuttering: Marc Anthony's Story
Many of our Magic of Modeling success stories focus on ways that we can learn from famous people or influential people who suffered from early or adult speech disfluency. Speech disfluency can influence the trajectory of our lives and make us either great successes who become incredibly self reliant, or it can present a real handcap. Let's see what we can learn from Marc Anthony's story that we can apply. 
Marc Anthony was born in East Harlem, was bilingual, and suffered from a stutter. He was born to Puerto Rican parents in New York and, like many Pro90d students, was bilingual, which can make overcoming speech disfluency, more difficult. However, this singer, songwriter, actor, record and television producer, used singing to overcome his speech disfluency. How did that work? 
Believe it or not, Pro90d uses a number of methods that Marc Anthony likely used in singing. We control our breath and slow down our speech. When you are a singer and you have to follow a melody, you learn to control your breath. This is critical to stopping stuttering. We have so many tools in our programs and specifically in our coaching modules similar to singing that have made real breakthroughs for even the toughest cases of disfluency.  
Do you have dreams to be a Grammy winning singer? What are you waiting for? Take Marc Anthony's lead and take a step towards smoother speech with Pro90d. Our community is here to welcome you and are standing by. 

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