SMILE Part 3: Changing your Mindset in 15 Minutes a Day

mindset stop stammering smile stop stuttering exercises Feb 15, 2022
SMILE Part 3: Changing your Mindset in 15 Minutes a Day

Welcome back to SMILE. Let’s dive into how in just 15 minutes per day can completely change your life. This week we are going to discuss the mindset that you can achieve with the Pr90d system. How often are you in interviews, social situations, and you want to say something or you want to tell a story you, make a comment,  do a presentation and you haven't been able to get the words out.  In the SMILE series, that is also on Youtube here, we've been walking through exactly how Pro90d addresses, impacts, and improves your speech. 


We address five dimensions so the way that you speak isn't just about the way that you speak physically. It's not just about the way you enunciate, intonate, or articulate, we address more than the physical. Your mindset, your identity, your livelihood, and lifestyle impacts your speech and Pro90d will help you SMILE, because of the dimensions that go beyond mechanics and speech. Last week, we explained the activities that we go into in the system, from blocking to air flow management. This week we are going to address the mindset. You may not think the mindset has anything to do with stopping stuttering and starting to communicate more effectively, but in adult speech disfluency, it may as well be everything. 


Learning how to improve in as little as 15 minutes a day means first that you need to understand why you're doing what.  Give meaning to the everyday activities you will be doing and know why you're doing them. They are impacting the different dimensions of your speech. First, so what is mindset? Your mindset is your way of thinking. It can be a fixed way of thinking, but let's go a little deeper. Also it predetermines a person's response to and interpretations of situations. 


This matters because it speaks to how you interpret different situations.  One example, let’sjust say that your mindset says that you generally struggle when you introduce yourself. If you have a difficult time when speaking in a meeting, your mindset says that this is how you generally respond and react. You have a belief, and that is your way of thinking. What does that do?  You walk into things already thinking kind what is likely to happen. You are more likely to be worried, anxious, and nervous and you may start negatively anticipating, and this worry compounds itself. 


You are in a word, Self Conscious. You struggle when you've experienced challenges with your speech in various speaking situations and you may go through your entire day worrying about the next speaking situation. How will I answer the phone, am i going to struggle to say hello, how will I introduce myself? You are afraid because you are negatively anticipating that you're going to have challenges. Does this sound familiar?  Many people will refrain from speaking because of this mindset and what they anticipate happening. 


Your current mindset is related to your speaking identity. You can practice 10 hours a day, but if your mindset and your speaking identity do not change, then you will always slide back into old patterns of disfluency.  One of the most important elements of our work is changing that mindset, shifting your speaking identity and focusing on holistic techniques that really drive your progress. These challenges that people have with their mindset are extremely relevant and they're extremely common. 


Proo90d helps you with this through affirmations, 777 breathing visualization, verbalization, free and flow speaking. Some of these speak directly to mindset. Affirmations help you shift the way you want to speak and the way you want to sound. They are substituting the old statements and the old thoughts so that you have more room for new constructive positive statements. These habits of talking to yourself mean you are  literally wired with your neurological patterns. As these shift, the neurological network changes and you change as a result. 


777 breathing is a way to relax and give you greater breath control that impacts more so your way of speaking, but also obviously when we become more relaxed then we're able to what to think more positively to think more clearly.  When you do a 777 breathing exercise, you can relax yourself down into an alpha state where you're awake but you can also give yourself affirmations. What these activities do to help you with your mindset are they help you with the way that you think.  


Free flow speaking is a way for you to experience smoother speech.  It’s an exercise that helps to ease yourself into speaking and developing the trust to speak when it is appropriate. You of course will be adding modeling to this as you progress in the Pro90d program, but this is the best way to build confidence. This is the critical portion of where Por90d really helps. We have a community of people just like you who may be speaking with English as a second language or they have struggled with disfluent speech for a long time, and we practice together to gain confidence. Even if you are not a student in private coaching, you still have the benefit of practicing with the community. 


As you practice within community, modeling and free flow speaking, and you start really paying attention to how you are focusing on your speech and the affirmations you tell yourself, your pattern of thinking changes and your speech changes. Listening to the audio versions and practicing aloud are also key ways to make this program work. You can be driving to work, performing tasks while working, or cooking. Listening to audio, without our active brain, changes our patterns. If you can, watch the videos to help you see how to model the behaviors the audios talk about. By listening every day throughout the day whenever you can you can change.  


I listened to Brian Tracy and even though at the time I didn't do much about it, I did start to think about my goals differently.  I made gradual changes that helped me with modeling, so by listening to this guy every single day thousands and thousands of hours it began to change the content of my thoughts. I am my own success story and you can be too in as little as 15 minutes. My mindset and building this community have been keys to maintaining smooth speech. We are going to talk about identity next week. Thank you for stopping by, to stop stuttering and stammering with Pro90d. 

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