How is Pro90d System Different from Traditional Speech Therapy?

science basis speech therapy alternative stop stuttering difference Oct 15, 2021

So is Pro90d speech therapy? NOT AT ALL. Speech therapy targets a number of speech related impairments that can be anything from developmental to inherited disorders. Pro90d only addresses speech related disfluencies that are related to habit. Both are based on science, but in practice they are critically different. This blog will outline what speech therapy is vs how Pro90d works. 


Why Speech Therapy 

Speech therapy is a treatment that improves communication skills, like Pro90d, and it is sometimes called speech-language therapy. Many of our clients that come to us with children, we refer to speech therapists because Pro90d is not the same and some issues related to growth development are not solved by Pro90d. 


We recommend that those with children seek speech therapy for kids with speech disorders that affect pronunciation and for children who also struggle with spoken and written language. Including those with language disorders and reading challenges like dyslexia.Specialists who do this type of therapy are speech-language pathologists (SLPs). Pro90d are not Speech Language Pathologists, who identify what kind of speech or language problem a child has. Then they determine what’s causing it and decide on the best treatment. It is important for our clients to understand this distinction. We are not diagnosticians, we are coaches. 


Speech therapy addresses problems including:

  • Receptive language (understanding language)
  • Expressive language (using language)
  • Social communication (using language in socially appropriate ways)
  • Reading and spelling (including dyslexia)

More About Therapy 

Therapy takes place 1:1 and in small groups, lasting a few months to a few years. The earlier therapy begins, the better and speech therapy professionals believe language difficulties are usually lifelong.  Speech therapy may help some adults, too. But it’s not usually covered by insurance, so adults don’t often seek treatment.

More About Pro90d 

Now here is where Pro90d is different- we treat adults, adolescents, and those who have tried conventional speech therapy and have not found relief. We are not speech language pathologists, but we do remedy some of the same problems. It might feel like certain speech disfuencies, such as too fast speech, stuttering, stammering, or uncontrolled body movements are life long ailments, but they do not have to be. Our testimonials prove that even high functioning professionals benefit from the Pro90d coaching and Pro90d Self Study coursework. Why? 


Why do people choose continuing education for anything? To become better at something or to freshen skills. As we get older or as we transition of one phase of life to the next or if we want to advance professionally, many of us struggle to speak in front of audiences. Whether it is an important conversation, or it is family. Pro90d is designed with emotions in mind, confidence in mind, and most importantly what is on your MIND is able to escape your mouth smoothly and in a way that people can understand you and not focus on the disfluency. Are you ready to speak more smoothly? Have you tried speech therapy and found it was not the right solution? We are here for that.

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