Stammering Success Story: Paul demonstrates Success

review stammering success stuttering success Sep 14, 2021

Hi, My name is Paul, I am 24 years old and I'm from Scotland in the UK.  I have been struggling with my speech since I was seven years old so you know 15 16 years 17 years I had been struggling with my speech and this was affecting my personal life but also my professional life. Let me talk a little bit about what I had been, my speech was affecting my relationships with my family, my friendships, my friends and my own mental health, and my confidence. Additionally, I had anxiety and   I hated my job. I was on a low-income job even though I knew I was worth more than that I would just never take the leap because I knew that I had to possibly do a job interview or do phone calls with clients. My speech had been holding me back in my personal and my professional life for so many years so, at the start of this year 2021, I decided to join Pro90d and to finally overcome this style this thing that's been holding me back. 

I decided to take real action and dedicate time to overcome this so I joined the Pro90d system. I was working with Michael one on one and basically, he laid the entire system out which was very "do this do this do this" very simple and within a few weeks I noticed a change in my speech whether that was being more relaxed being able to say what I wanted to say you know saying words that I would normally struggle with saying those words automatically which was really exciting and just feeling better about my speech. 

That was in the first month but of course, you keep practicing and practicing every single day so overtime, over the course of the three months, it became apparent that I was just improving dramatically.  I was able to say things automatically, say what I wanted to say, not have to switch words or think about the words I wanted to say in advance I was just able to say them because that's what I wanted to say so it has been an incredible process.

I feel the difference to feel more confident to be able to say what I want to say, so let me talk about how my personal life has changed and also how my professional life has changed.  Personally, I can answer the phone without getting stuck that's a big difference now I don't feel anxious about saying my name or you know introducing myself to someone of authority or someone that I want to meet I don't feel that those nerves or that anxiety I just do it because i enjoy speaking now so that anxiety around speaking has gone.  This is pretty insane in fact I was telling Michael I think maybe just a few weeks ago that i i have to go to the doctor every couple of months also to pick up my prescription my medication but part of that process is obviously when I go I have to say my name my birthday my home address which would normally freak me out because I would get stuck saying my name or get stuck saying my birthday or my address but now I don't freak out about it.I'm not anxious about walking up to the door and saying my name in fact I no longer have to call my family members to pick up my prescription for me because for the past few years you know I would ask my sister to do it, my grandmother, my like anyone in my family I would get them to do it because I felt so anxious and so uncomfortable but now I do it myself which may seem like a small thing but lots of those small things have changed in my life.

My life is so much easier and better you know but professionally that's where I really I have to thank Michael and the pronunciation system because for years I wanted to be self-employed I wanted to be my own boss right start something online make money online so I could travel the world but I knew that in order to achieve that I would have to speak with clients and do zoom calls and high-pressure conversations and that always freaked me out which is why I was never able to leave my job.  Now after a month of doing Pro90d, I just had the confidence that I could do it which meant I started doing zoom calls I started working with clients, and soon after I left my job and I am now self-employed I now run my thing and my boss and more importantly I am now making the money that I deserve to make. 

A few months ago I was working in that job making a very low-income and now because I can give my true value I'm making a lot more money which means my investment my initial investment and the Pro90d system you know I've made that back multiple times over because of the system and you know it's not just because of pronunciations but that's a big part of it so I just want to say thank you and I want to say if you are thinking about joining Pro90d just do it you know just do the work do it every day and your speech will improve. It's as simple as that and I am one of the many testimonials that he has so yeah I hope you join and I can't wait for you to improve your speech just like I have and many others have too. 


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