SMILE and Your Social Life: Go from Stutterer to Social Butterfly

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SMILE and Your Social Life: Go from Stutterer to Social Butterfly

Let’s start off series 6 with a question, have you been experiencing life the way you truly want to? Do you have a rewarding social life, do you go out, are you comfortable meeting people? These are personal questions and as someone who has suffered from speech disfluency, I can tell you that it used to give me a lot of anxiety when I would go out and try to socialize. It should be one of the happiest parts of your life, right? How can something that is supposed to bring so much joy, induce anxiety and worse? 


We are continuing our series on how your social life can improve with improved speech, in just 15 minutes a day.  In the next weeks, we have a blueprint, but for today, we discuss how pro90d improves your speech, improves your mindset,  and improves your identity to help you experience all aspects of your life more fully and joyfully. Last week we discussed your professional life and how it stands to benefit from more clear communication and smoother speech, now we are going to discuss how this can change your social life, family life, love life, and how you connect with other people. 


Pro90d students and our community are having better, longer, and deeper conversations with their family members. One particular person told me he's having better conversations and deeper conversations with his mother now and another said he would barely talk to his father because of his speech.  Was there something underlying that was wrong? Maybe, I am not a therapist, but one thing I do know from my own experience, is sometimes you are just not able to communicate well.  Think about the ramifications of deeper conversations with loved ones and how that heals old wounds that open you up to new experiences. This is a very powerful, powerful change. Better connections healing old wounds open the door to newer connections. 


Moving to your social life. This can fall under your willingness and ability to go out and meet new people. Do you feel comfortable laughing, smiling, and telling jokes in a group? If you experience stuttering, probably not. What about getting in friendly arguments? Are you able to defend your viewpoint? Do you feel less intellectually capable because your speech is not following your mind? When you are so limited that you avoid certain situations, you are starting to limit your potential. Speech has little to do with smarts. Sometimes you just would rather not participate because of the feelings it evokes and how difficult it is to get your point across. 


So what is going on inside when this happens and what is the cumulative effect? You are embarrassed, you stutter, you block, and you might simply just stop talking altogether. You might be wondering how exactly Pro90d can improve years of silence and noncommunication. When we start on your program I have a diagnostic list of daily activities for your personal development. Affirmations, visualizations, listening to videos, and watching videos is just the start of how you can change your social life in just 15 minutes a day. 


This gradual process is changing the way you think. You start to think about yourself and see the possibilities, and feel more hopeful.  You also get the advantage of our community. When you see how the science backs this approach and see so much progress from peers, you start to shift into a more willing position to learn techniques and think of yourself as a more approachable speaker and communicator. A brain is capable of changing or creating new connections new, neural pathways, strengthening old ones, and rewiring itself so that you can actually learn new skills and develop new habits. 


We give you the structure, the exercises, and the community to start performing better and living your life in a more fulfilling way. You can clearly articulate what you mean on the spot, no more going over scenarios in your head a million times, you have the confidence to do it at the moment. Your daily routine reinforces these teachings so you are not going back. You are changing.  You may start by speaking a bit slower, and people really listen to deliberate speakers, and then you realize people are leaning into you and wanting to hear you speak.


We have the self-study which is small steps and we have the 1:1 coaching for those wanting something more personalized and with accountability. Consistency is key here so you really may not need a 1:1 coach, but if you are not putting in the time and not practicing in front of anyone, I would really recommend one-on-one. Our community is so supportive of those joining Pro90d and has the most incredible transformation stories that have truly changed their lives. Do you want to wait another day or do you want to start having deeper connections, more meaningful conversations, and become a social butterfly instead of a fly on the wall who is scared to step up and socialize? We hope you join us. 


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