Top Stuttering Activities for Adults with Pro90d

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Top Stuttering Activities for Adults with Pro90d

It is ready just in time for the Holidays!!! Our Top Stuttering Activities for Adults are some of the best activities you can do on your own, or if you are not enrolled in our self study. These are really tried and true and our students at all levels of speech fluency benefit from these stuttering activities. In fact, they are the foundation of our continuing education and exercises. 

Think of speech as you would think of your body, if you get in really good shape, you have to keep exercising. Some people are born naturally with a physique that is muscular and toned, but for others, we work at it. The same is true with speech. More so with speech because so many of us are not born naturally good speakers and communicators, and even more of my students are learning English as a second language, which complicates things more. 

If you are suffering from stuttering, stammering, stopping short in speech, nervousness when speaking, problems communicating what you really mean, or uncontrolled body movements when speaking, these exercises are excellent places to begin. Just remember that you really need to practice. A work out for your communication, is worth the effort. Also keep in mind that these activities are designed for adults and those concerned about speech fluency of their children should consult a therapist first. 

These activities are predicated on the fact that stuttering is not purely psychological or biological. Everyone stutters differently and for this reason, we recommend the Pro90d coaching to be most effective. These in the correct combination, supplied by Michael Williams during coaching and consultation, are how we really change lives with speech fluency and increased communication. 

Stuttering Activity for Adults 1 

Breathwork- Deep breathing with your diaphragm is a technique that all therapists use, but we also recommend other varieties of breathwork. Anything that helps you regulate breath and slow your pace. This is an especially good exercise for those whose second language is English. Put your hand on your chest and hand on your belly to and exchange breaths. 

Stuttering Activity for Adults 2 

Progressive Relaxation- relax parts of your body one at a time. You can do this in a chair or on the ground or in bed at night. You tighten then release parts of your body. If you suffer from body movements and tremors, this is especially helpful. Tighten for 5 seconds then release. It really helps you understand what your body is doing, so when you go to speak you have more control and know when there is tension. 

Stuttering Activity for Adults 3 

Articulatory Exercises- this is another exercise that is borrowed from speech therapy and operates on a biological level and psychological level to help you feel your mouth, tongue, and teeth. This really helps to smooth out your speech. Try to speak without your tongue, teeth, and lips moving. 

Stuttering Activity for Adults 4 

Fluency Shaping- Inhale through your nose and speak while exhaling. This helps you learn to speak fluently without blocking or choking up. It is difficult to stutter while you are exhaling. 

Stuttering Activity for Adults 5 

Prolonging- Also called pull outs, this is where you prolong the word you are stuck on. Usually with practice with a coach you can learn to move through the disfluency easily. This is such a great technique because you practice it, while the stuttering is occurring. 

Was this helpful? We have so many more exercises and specials going on this month and the coming month. As you try to connect with family and friends over the holidays, do not let your speech hold you back. We see results in as little as a couple private sessions with Michael Williams. If you are looking for a change to smoother speech, let's talk! 




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