Stuttering Affirmation: Words come to me naturally.

affirmations stop stuttering Sep 12, 2022
Stuttering Affirmation: Words come to me naturally.

Words come to me naturally. When we are entering into any conversation, whether it is high stakes, like an interview situation, or a personal conversation where we are expressing our emotions, words, do not always come naturally to those with speech disfluencies. 

In fact, if you are a life long sufferer of speech disfluency, words may have become something you really struggle with because of the obstacle they represent. Let's make friends with words again! If there are certain words you have forever been at war with, now is the time to stop the struggle and lean into the solution. 

These affirmations and self talk are so important because they infiltrate your thoughts and teach you how to slow down, and stop being at war with yourself, and words! We are overly critical and with disfluencies, we are also very self conscious to a point where it has been debilitating for many of us. 

This udemy course really brings what is important back into focus. You are not your stuttering. Words do come easily to you. Expressing yourself is just a skill, and it is a skill that you can learn. 

Please join us and start expressing yourself, end your war with words, and start speaking more kindly to yourself. 

Udemy Self Talk and Affrmations 

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