Stuttering Success Story: Julius's Story

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Welcome to Stuttering Success Story! Here is Julius's Story 

The Pro90D stutter-free speech program changed Julius’ life. He finds the program is not trying to fix or hide your stuttering, rather it’s about changing everything mentally. He viewed his speech with fear and doubt and anticipated the worst. He had the same kind of mental patterns in other parts of this life as well. He would doubt himself in situations that aren’t even speech-related. 

When he was transforming his mental speech identity during stuttering treatment, it started to change other things he was fearing and doubting in life. He started feeling more confident in everything he did, like reaching his life goals. He found that the Pro90D speech therapy for stutterers program was holistic and affected other areas like his relationships, health, mindset, self-esteem, and career. It bleeds into all areas because speech can impact all of those areas.

One main issue Julius had with his speech was anticipating the worst. Before the Pro90D program, he would anticipate certain words, syllables, and vowels and couldn’t say anything at all at times because he was focused on a certain word he was trying to say. The feeling of dread that came with this became worse and worse. To counter that, the Pro90D system helped him replace it with a better type of anticipation. Instead of expecting the worst, he expected the best. He would anticipate that he would be relaxed and that the situation would go well. When learning how to stop stuttering, he replaced the negative with the positive. The worst-case scenario with the best-case scenario. When he kept thinking positively no matter how he felt, it started to change for Julius.

With the practice of modeling, Julius tried to think about how his model would feel in a certain situation—such as he would feel relaxed and calm, thinking about the best-case scenario. He didn’t just try to act or talk like his model but to think and feel the way the model would feel. When he did this, it helped to change his negative mindset. His logic changed: if he could anticipate the negative, why couldn’t he anticipate the positive? Julius feels modeling is the transformation tool to your fluent identity.

Julius compares modeling his speech to when he used to get to the gym and copy what another weightlifter was doing. It’s something he had used in his life and didn’t realize it. With negative anticipation, it still occurs for Julius but the duration has lessened. The negative voice is still there, and he has to work to quiet it down, but, he handles the anticipation and the outcome is better. He is more prepared now and he’s able to rebound better and faster. The Pro90D stuttering treatment program helped him create that mindset and he has the tools to help him recover quickly and smoothly to the point where other people can’t even tell he got stuck.

At the beginning of the Pro90D program, the sticking points he had didn’t affect him that much. But as he put in more time, the sticking points started to frustrate him because he thought his progress should be better than it was. That’s when the smaller things would set him off. He found this is an unrealistic mindset and accepted that difficulties would still happen. Julius encourages you to not think you have to be at a certain point of progress when pursuing stuttering treatment. He needed to recognize that he had improved, even if not all the way. 

Julius wants to keep going and find high-pressure situations like Toastmasters where he can practice. In terms of a financial investment, he really wanted to change his disfluency so he sought out something to fix it. When he first discovered professional speaking coach Michael Williams on YouTube, he simply started with watching the videos. From the videos, he thought the program might work and watched them on and off. He needed a strategic plan, so when he got to the point where he wanted to invest in a program, he just knew he needed to do Michael’s program and seek him out as his personal fluent speaking coach. The testimonials impressed him and had a good feeling about the success rate of the program. 

Julius was searching for something and wasn’t sure what would work, so the only way he would know is to do it. Every choice for a speech program was an unknown. For Julius, the price of the program doesn’t compare to the value you get from the program. When he chose the Pro90D program, he decided to put 110% into it so that whatever the outcome, he would know that he wouldn’t have any regrets. He didn’t want to look back over his life and regret not trying just because of the financial investment. He made a leap of faith. He finds it one of the best decisions he’s made in his life. He can use this program to affect his speech for a lifetime and use it for other important things he attempts in his life.

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