Stuttering Success Story: Tariq's Career and Life Change

job interviews stuttering success stories stuttering tips Sep 09, 2021

Tariq has found success from Michael Williams’ Pro90D stutter-free speech program most recently in a job interview. In the past, Tariq would stumble through his answers to questions. In just a few short weeks and by doing all Michael suggested, Tariq did so well on his phone interview that they let him know within 24 hours that he had progressed to the next stage of the applicant process.

During the interview, Tariq told himself that if he messed up, it didn't matter. He realized that people have to fail in order to improve in their lives. He suggests practicing as many hours of the day as possible when you are following a stuttering treatment program like Pro90D. 

Tariq would have ranked himself a 2 out of 10 in most speaking situations before starting to work with Michael as his fluent speaking coach, and he currently ranks himself a 6. So even after a few short weeks, he's made a lot of improvement. He believes that when you are working on how to stop stuttering, you should definitely try all the speech therapy for stutters techniques given to you because you'll find some that work better for you than others, and those are the ones you can concentrate on. For Tariq, not scanning ahead and anticipating words is key. It saves his brain from using the energy searching for words and interfering with what he wants to say. 


Tariq sometimes struggles to speak even with his own mom and aunt and has since a young child. So, to challenge himself, he talks with them as often as possible to practice what he's learning. Using the techniques was tough in the first week or two because of the skepticism that any stuttering treatment program would work, but the moment he saw a small change, he was motivated and determined to continue to work on the Pro90D program. According to Tariq, small changes lead to big changes and the time passes anyway, so you might as well be working on your speech in the meantime.

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