The Magic of Modeling: Emily Blunt's Secret

celebs who stutter stuttering success stories tha magic of modeling Jul 21, 2022
The Magic of Modeling: Emily Blunt's Secret

The Magic of Modeling: Emily Blunt's Secret explains how celebrities are also overcoming stuttering! Emily Blunt is a darling of Hollywood but she has a secret, she is a former stutterer. In a number of interviews she has discussed her debilitating stuttering while growing up in a suburb of London. How did she overcome stuttering? Acting and modeling. 

Let's talk about the Magic of Modeling 

There are a few things about the modeling technique that make it really effective for stutterers of all ages, but particularly for adult stutterers who have tried countless other techniques. It engages your brain in a different way, it is easier to lose yourself in a character, and it is easier to project a confident speaker, when you are not vulnerable. 

Your brain on modeling. 

When you are modeling or acting, in this case, you are working different areas of your brain. You are not activating areas that are anxiety ridden and focused on delivering your message precisely, you are imitating. We discuss this more in our coursework. 

Losing Yourself in Character 

When you are "in character" you are not visualizing yourself as a stutterer, or speaking to yourself like a stutterer. You are projecting Joan of Ark or Conan the Barbarian, not Sam from down the hall who is quiet, because he has trouble speaking. This has an incredible effect on how you communicate and it is FUN! Truly start modeling and you can be playing rather than painfully doing exercises that make you anxious. 

Projecting Confidence 

These all work together, but when you are modeling, you are projecting confidence. You are not vulnerable in your speech because you are speaking like someone who you are not. Are you tricking yourself to being a better speaker? Is smoother speaking an allusion, or Magic, YES? But does this even matter? 

At a certain point when you put these tricks together, you lose the act and you truly start speaking more smoothly because you are more confident. Let's take this next step together and start speaking more smoothly. 

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