Top Affirmation for Preparing for Public Speaking

audio affirmations self talk and affirmations Sep 26, 2022
Top Affirmation for Preparing for Public Speaking

It is safe for me to speak smoothly. This might sound like an affirmation that is obvious, but when you have suffered for years with a stutter or stammer, speaking can feel unsafe.  Feeling unsafe when you are speaking can even have physicaly manifestations that are not speech related either. Let’s take a dive into this concept and learn how to use this affirmation prior to public speaking. 

It is safe for me to speak smoothly. First, it is absolutely safe. Your audience wants to hear you, they want to be entertained or informed by what you have to say. It is one hundred percent a safe space. One thing to remember about this statement is, it is all about you. You have the power to change the perception of your audience. You are the one who is feeling unsafe and that affects your ability to communicate. 

Next, you can speak smoothly. It is in your power to speak smoothly. You do not have to do this alone you can join the Pro90d community and learn how to harness these affirmations to start more meaningful and stress-free interactions and speaking. Are you ready to take this next step with us? 

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