UNSOLICITED Review of Pro90d from Bola

review stuttering success story Sep 14, 2021

My name is Bola Umbini and this is an unsolicited review of Michael's Pro90d program I've been part of the program now for about, I want to say eight weeks plus so  I just wrapped up my first session I'm more than likely going to do it again so here's a full scoop from my viewpoint as to what the pro90d program was I'm going to start to explain how I was before and the way I am now so in the past prior to Pro90d. 

I was very very reserved. The only time you ever get me to speak in a setting is sole because I needed to speak, not because I wanted to speak. In meeting settings or even friends settings  I was very very reserved because there was always a chance that I would have some kind of hiccup blocks.  I have tried so many self-help things,  I've paid for sessions with other consultants that just never panned out because the previous consultants told me I had to live with it and there were people who kept saying you have to live with it and you can't get rid of it you can't make it better. 

Then, I came across pro 90d and I'm like okay you know what this could be some more money down the drain but let me just try it out. I will tell you you need to try it out. What Pro90d taught me is that every individual has a learned way of acting and speaking and you can tune into it and discover a newly learned process and repetitively doing the same thing over and over again you will see change.  You get into this mode or into the zone whereby when you speak to yourself and notice all the things you never paid attention to.  Then I can playback how I sound and who I am and find I have a persona that I speak like then I can learn from somebody else, to then speak like that person.

When I'm modeling out somebody else these are all techniques that would help me be a better one as a speaker but two as a person.  My confidence level has skyrocketed. Before I used to be afraid to speak because I'll be afraid to stutter and to block but now I spend a lot less time I'll say probably I went from spending eighty percent of my time before any speaking engagement or before any setting even with friends I'm thinking about what I'm going to say thinking about how I'm going to approach what I'm going to say so that I avoid stuttering now I spend probably between five to ten percent doing that and the other 90-95 percent of the time on the content of what I'm trying to get out. 

When I'm trying to get people to understand what I am saying about the subject matter or about anything else but not spending time being afraid of what I may or may not do stuttering-wise or blocking-wise.

This is my honest unsolicited testimonial, try it out spend some time looking into it, your first session is free, there's so many tools or a plethora of tools, Michael has been able to put on his platform on his website that would aid you the main thing is you got to be dedicated you are you have to want to improve yourself. You have to want to invest in yourself to see the change in the way I'm speaking now. This was not me before.  I would be nervous to even see myself speak to even watch myself speak it's a whole different ball game. Check it out if you need any assistance, I'm pretty sure Michael will be free to help you out but check it out

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