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Weekly Training Goals Overview

Michael Williams


  1. To help you understand what's expected of you during this process and help you set realistic expectations for yourself. 
  2. To help you clarify how you want to see yourself and how you want others to see you as a speaker.
  3. To help you understand the science behind the system so you will have maximum confidence that this process will absolutely work for you provide you put in the effort. 
  4. To help you understand the critical importance and immense power of self-talk. 

Week One Goals: 

  1. To understand the importance of being process or activity oriented as opposed to being solely focused on the end result or goal. 
  2. To begin using your Confident Speakers Daily Blueprint
  3. To learn and practice being more relaxed and calm, even in high pressure situations.
  4. To start slowing everything down so you can become more efficient and effective.
  5. To actually begin transforming your speaking identity to match or exceed your ideal. 
  6. To learn and experience the power of modeling - mirroring in social and professional speaking situations. 
  7. To practice thinking on your feet and speaking on the spot. 

Week Two Goals

  1. To learn and practice speaking proactively so that you have greater control and power over your speech. 
  2. To learn to speak so that you enjoy speaking and others enjoying listening to you. 

Week Three Goals

  1. To understand why you are communicating so you're not distracted with being overly self-conscious.
  2. To speak with the focus being on how you can best connect with and serve the listener. 

Week Four Goals 

  • To learn how to keep listeners engaged using V.I.C. and R.I.C.

Week Five Goals

  1. To learn and practice creating and delivering clear and memorable presentations. 
  2. To learn and practice delivering your thoughts in a structured and concise manner without notes. 
  3. To create a powerful and magnetic presence that people cause people to trust and listen to you. 

Week Six Goals

  • To learn how to prepare for and give confident interviews that blow your interviewers away.  

Week Seven Goals

  • To understand my top 10 most powerful take-aways from this entire training course. 
Last updated 11 Aug 2020.