Why Using Techniques Are Not Enough

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Is Your Speech Costing You Money?

  • How many awesome career opportunities have you passed up because of your speech?
  • How many times have lost opportunities because you didn't communicate well in the interview?

Do you tend to. . .

  • Lose focus under pressure?
  • Not finish your thoughts?
  • Lack confidence when the stakes are high?
  • Feel rushed?
  • Speak too fast?
  • Speak choppy?
  • Stutter or Stammer?

Do. . .

  • You have a heavy accent
  • People have a hard time understanding you
  • You tend to speak fast, especially when nervous

Then your speech is most certainly costing you money and losing you valuable professional and social opportunities. 

Warrent Buffet, one of the richest men in the world said, "Now, you can improve your value by 50 percent just by learning communication skills--public speaking."

Why I Understand What You're Struggling With

You can do this my friend.  I've been where you are.  Not only did I struggle to communicate smoothly, I was constantly afraid that I might stutter. 

MICHAEL CROPPED PHOTO 1.pngIf you're reading this and you've never stuttered, then imagine multiplying the fear of public speaking many times over in any speaking situation.  I'm talking about situations like: answering the phone, talking to the opposite sex, speaking up in class, ordering food, reading aloud in a training, and you get the idea.   

In fact, after I got married I used to hate answering the phone so much that I had my wife do it most of the time, especially when I had to give out information like phone numbers, addresses, etc.  While I didn't let this beat me down, I always felt like I was walking around with a big, wet, black, heavy blanket over me.  I felt limited and just plain tired all the time.  UNTIL, I figured out how to change my speech from a liability to one of my greatest assets. 

Over the past 10 years I been able to transform my own speech and identity as a speaker and I've helped thousands of others do the same. Through courses, YouTube videos, audio programs, written guides and especially coaching, I've been able to help people unlock their true potential. 

I've worked with people who wanted to:

  • Stop worrying about their speech especially in high pressure situations.
  • Start articulating their thoughts and ideas more persuasively.
  • Get better jobs, change careers or expand their businesses.  

My clients and students consist of: 

  • Doctors
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Analysts
  • Business owners
  • Sales persons
  • Nurses
  • Professional athletes
  • Professional musicians
  • Students

Most of my clients-students are multilingual and live in many different parts of the world.  

My background as a military officer, in ministry (Master of Divinity), as a Marketing Associate, in education (worked as a professor of student success and religion), as a workshop leader and coach (Relationship Education) and now as a Speech Coach has provided me decades of experience speaking all sorts of high pressure situations. 

If you know that your speech is the only thing standing in the way of your reaching your true potential and being happier, more peaceful and having a better quality of life, then there is a clear pathway to achieving the success you desire.  I can help you get on that pathway and take your speech to that next level.  

The ULTIMATE Confident Speakers Success System is a culmination of my experience, research, education and expertise working with intelligent professionals like yourself.  Since the time will pass anyway, and we will spend or invest our money on something, why not invest it back into your self and your future right now?  One of my clients just recently got a job that he said he would have never applied for before taking this program.  He's already making his investment back in just a few short months.  

I can guide you using our Small Easy Steps process so you can start small, but get BIG results faster.  Let's get started now...

In case you're interested, here's my personal story: 

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What You'll Learn

  • How to stop worrying about upcoming speaking experiences so you can feel more relaxed and calm. 
  • How to turn anxiousness into excitement and enthusiasm.
  • How to stop getting distracted by the fear of judgement so you can stay focused on serving your audience. 
  • How to articulate your thoughts clearly and precisely so people understand exactly what you're saying.
  • How to speak smoothly  so that people love to hear you speak and want to hear more. 
  • How to speak confidently so people see you as a credible authority and trust what you're telling them. 

See What's Inside the Course

700x380_self study_final

Course Content
  • 0 / 3
    Prerequisites - The Foundation

    • Your Expectations

    • How to Use Simple Easy Steps (Mini-Habits) to Make This Work for You

    • The 6 Laws of Smooth and Confident Speech

  • 0 / 6
    Prerequisites - How to Retrain Your Brain

    • The Science

    • Talk to You IT Dept. - Self-Talk

    • Remember Your Successes - Celebrate

    • Accumulate Your Successes

    • Create Opportunities - Don't Wait for Them

    • Know That It's Just a Matter of Time

  • 0 / 3
    Prerequisites - Smooth Speech Self-Talk

    • The Power of Smooth Speech Self-Talk - Pt. 1

    • The Power of Smooth Speech Self-Talk - Pt. 2

    • The Power of Smooth Speech Self-Talk - Pt. 3

  • 0 / 1
    Week One - Course Introduction and Overview

    • Weekly Training Goals Overview
  • 0 / 2
    Week One - Create Your Brand New Confident Speakers Identity

    • Your IDEAL Speaking Identity

    • Let's Rewrite Your Story

  • 0 / 2
    Week One - Your Confident Speakers Daily Blueprint

    • Your Daily Blueprint of Activities Pt 1

    • Your Daily Blueprint of Activities Pt 2. Starter System

  • 0 / 4
    Week Two - How to Relax, Be Calm and Slow Down

    • The 7x7x7 Breathing Exercise

    • How to Be Relaxed and Calm

    • How to Slow Down Using This Simple A.S.S. Formula

    • The 5 Step Mental Rehearsal Process

  • 0 / 9
    Week Three - How to Use Modeling to Transform Your Speaking Identity

    • What Exactly Is a Speaking Identity

    • What Is Modeling - Mirroring?

    • Making a Mental Imprint of Your Model

    • Making an Emotional Imprint of Your Model

    • Making a Physical Imprint of Your Mode

    • How to Model In Your Daily Speech

    • Confident Conversations

    • Confident Presentations 

    • How to Think On Your Feet and Speak On the Spot

  • 0 / 7
    Week Four - How to Speak So People Listen

    • How to Speak Proactively 

    • Extending for Control and Smoothness

    • Blending for Smoothness and Flow

    • Articulating for Clarity

    • Inflecting for Energy and Enthusiasm

    • Emphasizing for Engagement 

    • How to Get Your Whole Body Into It

  • 0 / 6
    Week Five - How to Keep Your Listeners Engaged

    • Why Are You Communicating? 

    • Meet V.I.C. and R.I.C. 

    • Am I Adding Value? 

    • Is This Relevant? 

    • Am I Impacting the Listener? 

    • Am I Being Clear? 

  • 0 / 10
    Week Six - The Ultimate Presentation System

    • An Overview of the System

    • Anticipation

    • Preparation

    • Practice

    • Present

    • 12 Strategies Overview

    • Overview of the Triple A Formula for Speaking Success

    • Be Authentic

    • Be an Authority

    • Be Accurate

  • 0 / 5
    Week Seven - Confident Interviewing

    • The Purpose of the Interview

    • Prep for the Interview

    • Mentally Preparing for the Interview

    • Physically Practicing for the Interview

    • The Day of the Interview

  • 0 / 1
    Week Eight - My 10 Most Powerful Takeaways

    • My 10 Most powerful Takeaways

Just imagine seeing several thousand dollars more in your paycheck because you got the job you deserve. 

Imagine seeing the smiles and nods on their faces when you open your mouth to speak because of how smoothly, clearly and confidently you articulate your thoughts. 


How This Works

Follow the 3 easy steps below.

Step 1

Click one of the buttons below to: Buy the Course, Book a Call, Take the Trial, or Get the Guide. 

Step 2

Start watching or listening to the training and applying what you learn.  

Step 3

Experience the freedom of being able to smoothly express yourself.

Here's Why Dr. Ismail Joined and Thinks Mindset Is Critical


“Pro90d - The ULTIMATE Smooth Speech System by Michael Williams is a unique system that is rooted in sound scientific principles of neuroscience and if the program is closely followed and if the necessary work is done you will see results at least within a month and within 6 months you could become completely fluent and automatic.

I have used this system and it has changed my life. My confidence is sky high and I am now able to do presentations fluently and eloquently with confidence. My speech is now an asset and I am able to articulate confidently and fluently wherever and whenever I want to.

Thank you Michael for all that you have done for me.”

(MBChB, FCOG, PhD, PhD Senior)- Fetal Surgeon

At Pro90d we know that you want to be a smooth, clear and confident speaker.  In order to do that, you need proven steps that are easy to understand and apply right now.  The problem is figuring out which program to invest your valuable time and money into.  This makes you feel anxious and hesitant about buying any program.  We believe you shouldn't waste your money and time on programs that just don't work.

We understand your dilemma which is why we want you to totally understand how and why this system will work for you. 

Here's are some options to help you get greater clarity: 

  1. Book a private 20-minute session with me to get your questions answered.  Yes, I Want to Book a Session Now!
  2. Download this Free Guide so you can better understand how the Pro90d - ULTIMATE Smooth Speech System transforms your speech. 
  3. Buy the course so you can start taking the small easy steps required to help you show up more confidently in your next high pressure speaking situation.  
  4. Take the 48-hour trial so you can test drive the system for yourself. 

What Makes Pro90d Different?

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Is This Training Course for You?


This Course Is for You IF. . .

  • You have an accent and speak too fast making it difficult for people to understand you, especially under pressure.
  • You don't have an accent, but still speak too fast, especially under pressure. 
  • You stutter, stammer or speak in a choppy manner.
  • You have a strong desire or need to communicate more effectively in high pressure speaking situations.
  • You want to be more social.
  • You understand that to make changes in the way you speak, think and feel it will take consistent effort and time. 
  • You don't expect this course to deliver miraculous results overnight. 
  • You are willing to invest a reasonable amount of time and money into your personal and professional development. 


  • Pro90d

    “"Mr. Williams, I just want to thank you so much for developing the PRO90D Speech System. I’m only on the sixth week and I’m seeing great results. Before I began this program, I didn’t really stutter because I learned how to mask it in elementary school by just speaking less than my classmates and using introductory phrases or saying “um.” However, I was still unable to say the majority of what I wanted to say, except without physical signs of stuttering. Before I began this program I wasn’t able to say more than a few words at a time to my parents, not even being able to say goodnight to my dad. Now, not only am I able to say almost everything I want to say, I found that this program has improved more than my speech, but also my overall confidence and self-esteem. I just wanted to say thank you for creating this program."”

  • Pro90d

    “Hello once again everyone. I am really enjoying a lot crossing this path which leads to success. One thing that I have maintained since the start of this course is consistency. There has not even been a single day where I missed to watch Mr Michael’s video or listen to the audio. I am taking small steps each day as I know changing your brain patterns obviously takes some time.

    As I continue to model Mr Michael and follow all the techniques and strategies, I am experiencing successes. Now our relatives are having more and more social gatherings and I am participating in more and more conversations and I am being able to convey my messages quite fluently. I have improved a lot in my tele phone conversations and practice reading/presenting everyday.

    All these steps are moving me ahead. As I now see myself as an awesome communicator. My confidence level and speech fluency have really improved a lot. I really feel happy continuing to work through this course as even Socrates says, “There is no path to happiness, the path is happiness.”


  • Pro90d

    “Hello Michael Williams, A couple of years ago (I don’t remember exactly how many, maybe 5 or 6) you changed my life. You freed me from stuttering and helped me overcome some of the most daunting fears of my childhood. I am writing this message which is long overdue, to say thank you for everything. I took the time to watch every single one of them and took even more time practicing. the idea of erasing or reformatting the “disk” and replacing new information on it was very powerful to me, and I have used it in other parts of my life as well.

    I also remember the power of positive affirmations and how much of an effect that can have on your mentality. I just wish you the best of luck with your life, and I hope you continue to help people who have this problem. God bless you.”


“Believe me, if you want to talk so that your audience listens, then you have knocked at the right door.

The ULTIMATE Confident Speakers Success System has made me a completely new person. Today, I am an effective speaker and a relaxed person when facing high pressure situations. It has made me realize my dream of being able to speak with ease, speak with energy and enthusiasm, speak with confidence and speak with joy. The best part is when I hear people tell me that my biggest asset is my speech.

Thank you Michael! You have changed my life!!"”


How the System Has Helped This Professional

Pricing Options

700x380_self study_final

 Here's what you get: 


Life-Time Access


  • Complete access to our powerful and practical video and audio training sessions accessible via your browser of choice and a separate mobile device dedicated to audio (Value = $499.00)>
  • One reminder email every day for 90 days!
  • BONUS: Occasional Live Orientations - Q&A sessions (Value = $299.00)
  • BONUS: Complete access to our Passive Learning Power Program Package (Value = $97.00)
  • BONUS: How to Retrain Your Brain - Video and Audio (Value = $69.00)
  • BONUS: Complete access to our Ultimate Presentation System - Video and Audio Versions (Value = $99.00)
  • Exclusive membership to our private Pro90d Slack Group (Value = $99.00)
  • Access to a searchable Q&A resource library
  • Access to my personal "Super Helpful Resource" list. (Value = Invaluable)
  • Total = $299 

Mobile Audio Version


Life-Time Access
  • Complete access to our powerful and practical audio training sessions accessible via a separate mobile device dedicated to audio (Value = $499.00)
  • One reminder email every day for 90 days!
  • BONUS: Occasional Live Orientations - Q&A sessions (Value = $299.00)
  • BONUS: Complete access to our Passive Learning Power Program Package (Value = $97.00)
  • BONUS: How to Retrain Your Brain - Audio (Value = $69.00)
  • BONUS: Complete access to our Ultimate Presentation System - Audio Versions (Value = $99.00)
  • Exclusive membership to our private Pro90d Slack Group (Value = $99.00)
  • Access to a searchable Q&A resource library
  • Access to my personal "Super Helpful Resource" list. (Value = Invaluable)
  • Total = $299 

“The Pro90d ULTIMATE Smooth Speech System by Michael Williams seemed like it was tailor made for me. The principles that I learned about my speech, presence, and delivery were invaluable. Within 6 months, I overcame the fear, trepidation, and physical shortness of breath I would feel before speaking up in meetings and presenting.

By using his specific approach to modeling I was able to become authentic in my delivery, and that is the genius of this system. You will not end up sounding like a copy of someone else, but instead, a completely fluent and automatic, and confident speaker using your own voice.

I have used this system to change my professional and personal life, and the rewards are paying back some serious dividends in all of my affairs. I am excited to see experience how much I will develop by using Michael’s methods.

This program is for everyone and anyone who wants to establish an authentic presence when speaking and desires to make an impact when their unique voice is heard. Thank you Michael for improving my speech and my life.”


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5 Things You Must Start Doing Now
If You Ever Want to Improve Your Speech

5 Things You Must Start Doing Now

Learn the 5 things you absolutely must start doing right now if you ever want to confidently say what you want to say — especially under pressure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Will this actually work for me?

Yes.  If you can understand English, learn new skills and develop new habits, this training can work for you.  The key to making it work is to focus on develop the 5 critical habits that will get you the results you want.  You can download that guide here

Can you guarantee that this will work?

We can only guarantee that the system works. However, we cannot guarantee that you will do the work. We have done and will continue to do everything humanly possible to make this process easy-to-follow as possible. The one thing we cannot do is make you commited.

This process can be compared to mastering a second language. If you really wanted to, you could learn and become very fluent in a second language (barring serious brain injury) couldn’t you? You would have to learn and use the new language on regular basis; and if you wanted to accelerate the process, completely immerse yourself, right?

On the other hand, if you didn’t study, learn or consistently practice both in private and public the new language, you probably would not master it.

Learning to speak smoothly, clearly and confidently follows the same principles. You are virtually guaranteed to get pretty amazing results if you trust the process and put the time and effort in.

To minimize your risk we purposely provide tons of free, high quality resources for you try. You’ll be able to determine if this approach will work for you before you ever make single purchase. In fact, we prefer that you try before you buy so that once you do invest in your speech you’ll feel extremely confident that the Ultimate Smooth Speech System is the perfect approach to help you achieve the results you desire. As a result of all of our efforts to ensure that you’ve chosen the right product, we hope you understand that we do not provide refunds.

How long does it take to see changes?

It varies from person to person.  It also depends on the amount of effort you invest in implementing what you're learning.  Some experience immediate changes, while for others it can take a few weeks to see consistent improvements. 

How is this different from any other public speaking or speech training program?

Because I stuttered for more than 20 years I have been able to develop a systematic and scientifically-based process that actually works.

It is based on the following: 

  • Neuroscience,
  • Observational Learning,
  • Habit Development and,
  • Client Experience.  

The system helps you replace old patterns of thinking, feeling and speaking with new patterns, rather than simply treating your current ones.

The system is holistic.  It addresses both the Psychology and Physiology speech, rather than just the physiology.

This is not a therapy or treatment.  This process replaces rather than try to fix.  

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