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Negative Anticipation,

Fear and Speech Anxiety

The course and coaching will address the issue of worry, negative anticipation, fear and speech anxiety.

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Embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement at your own pace.

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7-Step Course

Transform your communication skills and boost your confidence with our 7-step short course.

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Virtual Speech Masters Club

Find deeper meaning, redefine your communication, and shape the confident speaker you aspire to be.

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How Pro90d Changed Our Students' Lives


What our students say about our courses

Meet our expert speech coaches


Growing up I stuttered. While most of the time I was able to hide it, I knew it was there and it impacted my self-esteem and self-confidence in many ways.

This didn't really change until I was in my late twenties, when stumbled upon a process for transforming my speech and as a result my entire life.

For the past decade or so I've had the privilege to help tens of thousands of people though my courses and YouTube videos and thousands through private coaching.

Watch my video to hear more about why I understand you and how I can help break free so you can do all that you're meant to do.

Based on my own experience and the experience of working one on one with various kinds of clients, I know the specific steps you need to go through and hence, I can help you accelerate your progress towards smooth and confident speech, AND help you reach your goals much faster than if you work alone.


I used to struggle pretty severely with my speech where sometimes saying even a single word was a huge issue for me, let alone participate in a conversation with someone.

This led me to hide away from various kinds of speaking situations, making myself a very shy and socially awkward person. Hence, I was made fun of and also kind of abused because of my speech.

But this was only until I discovered Michael and the Pro90d Smooth Speech System, which completely changed my speech and my life forever.

It transformed me into an amazing and excellent speaker (far above the average person) and all the stuttering and stammering just took care of itself. People started looking up to me as a speaker and I started to influence others with my speech.

Then, I was further trained by Michael to become a Certified Pro90d Smooth Speech Coach and now I’m serving as one. I coach clients from around the world, helping them take their speech and their lives to the next level.

What's the Science Behind Pro90d?

It is based on the following five (5) bodies of knowledge:

  • Neuroscience
  • Habit Formation
  • Learning Theory
  • Client Experience
  • Personal Experience

Meet Shak

I initially signed up to work once one of my calls because I had a major presentation coming up at my job.

Overcoming Pre-Presentation Nerves

"I was a student nervous. I couldn't sleep for days I didn't know how I was going to perform, so I decided to start working on my call around the four weeks prior to my presentation."

Techniques and Strategies for Effective Speech

"He focused really on making sure I slow down my speech and implement into techniques and strategies in the ultimate presentation system to really build up my whole presentation around our system. Which I managed to do effectively and I delivered a decent presentation, which received really good feedback from team members who were in attendance."

Success and Positive Feedback

"And off the bank of that I recently received a major promotion at work, which came over the 50% increase in my salary, which is completely life-changing and I can honestly say that had I not been able to perform to a decent level of my during my presentation."

Career Advancement

"I probably wouldn't have received this promotion. So I'm extremely grateful and thankful for the work that Michael does and for guide me through this process."

Expanding Speaking Skills in Local Clubs

"I've also been taking part in my local toast masters club and most recently I held it a table to fix session which lasted around 40 minutes. There were around 15, 16 people in attendance and I received a picture of feedback once the session was over."

Long-term Struggle with Speech

"So I I say all of this as someone who has always struggled with my speech ever since I can remember for the past 25 years or so, I always shied away from speaking situations. Any conversation that involved more than two people has always been a no for me. I used to struggle really badly and interviews, I tried away from presentations to do my time for education and in my previous influence."

Overcoming Fears and Significant Improvement

"So I'm really glad that I've finally been able to work around my fears. That's not to say that the fears have completely gone. I still feel a bit anxious, prior to certain speaking situations, but all in all, my speech has improved 1,000% over the past few years and most notably since working with Michael over the past few years."

Encouragement and Advice to Others

"So if you're someone that is struggling with your speech and as though there's no way to sort of improve it, I just want to tell you that this certainly is a way for you to improve your speech. You don't need to struggle in the same way that I and so many people have to have struggled for so many of their lives."

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Meet Beata

Pro90d has transformed my life by helping me overcome stuttering, improve my communication skills, and build my confidence.

Struggling with Stuttering and Blockage

Hello, my name is Beata. I live in Hawaii. But I’m originally from Poland and English is my second language. I was struggling with stuttering, blocking and speaking too fast all my life.

Ineffective Speech Therapy and Lingering Challenges

Twenty years ago I took speech therapy which was based on prolongation techniques, but it didn't address my mindset and speaking identity. So, I still stuttered and blocked when I was nervous or anxious speaking in person or on the phone which was a big challenge for me. It was also difficult for me to speak up in group gatherings. I am 56 y.old and I noticed that my speech had deteriorated more over the past 5 years.

Discovering Michael Williams' Approach

So, 2.5 years ago I started to look for stuttering treatment and I found Michael Williams videos on YouTube. I liked Michael's speaking style and hearing his testimony that he used to stutter and became a great speaker. This was very inspirational to me so I decided to find out more about his Pro90d system. I also found other therapies, but what made me choose his system was the fact that It was based on Neuroplasticity, our brain's ability to learn new skills and to learn a new way of speaking and thinking, and that convinced me that it is the right system for me.

Commitment to the Pro90d System

After listening to Michael's videos on YouTube for 6 months, I decided to buy his self-study program. I listened to it from time to time and got myself familiar with the system. Finally, after another 2 years, I developed enough confidence to contact Michael for private coaching because I felt I needed accountability and help to stay on the right track.

The Impact of Private Coaching

I'm so glad that I invested in myself and took private coaching with Michael because he gave me feedback, which helped me correct my bad habits of speaking and thinking and it helped me build my confidence. Now I am able to hold smoother conversations and I am more confident speaking on the phone. I still have ways to go but I am committed to this system till the rest of my life and becoming a great communicator.

Strong Recommendation for the Pro90d System

I strongly recommend the Michael Williams Pro90d system because it really works. If you struggle with stuttering and blocking like I did until recently, please don't give up hope and contact Michael because if I, being 56y.old, was able to learn a new way of speaking, so can you. Now I enjoy speaking more and I look forward to the future instead of worrying about it constantly.

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Unlock the power of effective communication and unleash your true potential with our transformative speech programs.

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Become part of our Facebook community

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect, learn, and grow alongside fellow speech enthusiasts.