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Achieve fluent and seamless speech patterns (Speak smoothly).

Manage your anxiety and nerves when speaking (Feel Calm).

Build your self-assurance in verbal communication (Feel Confident).

Articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely (Articulate Clearly).

Excel in any virtual speaking event, mastering the art of captivating online audiences (Excel in virtual events).

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Pro90d - Virtual Speech Masters Club

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The Pro90d Ultimate Smooth Speech System™ Self-Paced Course

Science-based, user-tested tools that quickly work to turn you into a superior communicator no matter where you starting from.

Pro90d doesn’t just fix your speech, it enhances it so you stand out amongst your peers.

Pro90d provides a long-term, permanent solution that gets better over time.

Pro90d - The Ultimate Smooth Speech System Self-Paced Course is for you if...

  • Your speech is hurting your career
  • You are struggling with verbal communication
  • Your speech is causing you to lose great opportunities
  • You're actually earning less because of your speech
  • You're filled with anxiety and worry whenever you need to communicate


  • A Science-Based, Holistic System
  • Confident, Clear, Smooth Speech
  • The Ability To Be Seen As A Leader And Influencer
  • The Ability To Project Authority
  • Better Career Opportunities And Progress
  • Better Relationships
  • People's Attention And Respect
  • Confidence, Clarity Of Thought, Calmness

Pro90d - The ULTIMATE Smooth Speech System

Wave Goodbye to Worry - Course Modules

Module 01: How Can You Make the Most of This Course? [Duration: 07 mins]

- Lesson 01: What if you can learn to finally speak smoothly, confidently and clearly without worrying how others perceive you?

- Lesson 02: How can you discover the methods to maximize the benefits from this course and efficiently integrate all the knowledge you've gained?

- Lesson 03: What steps can you take to put an end to the habit of negatively anticipating upcoming events, words, letters, or sounds?

Module 02: What is Negative Anticipation? [Duration: 09 mins]

- Lesson 01: What secrets of negative anticipation are you unaware of that splinter your confidence and hinder your speech?

- Lesson 02: How will having a clear understanding of exactly what Negative Anticipation is put you in a much better position to apply everything you learn in the rest of this course?

Module 03: What Are the Effects of Negative Anticipation on You and Your Speech? [Duration: 11 mins]

- Lesson 01: How can you identify the hidden effects of negative anticipation that limits your speech progress?

- Lesson 02: What are the secrets to overcoming it?

- Lesson 03: How does worrying about your speech specifically affect your mindset, feelings, and speech?

- Lesson 04: What happens when your awareness is raised about the impact of worrying on your speech? How does this put you in a better position to take the necessary steps to stop it dead in its tracks?

Module 04: What Causes Negative Anticipation? [Duration: 07 mins]

- Lesson 01: Have you ever personally experienced worrying or negatively anticipating certain experiences, situations, words, letters, or sounds?

- Lesson 02: In this session, what specific information can you expect to learn that will provide you with all the answers to why you worry or negatively anticipate certain things?

- Lesson 03: What factors constitute the root causes of negative anticipation that may prevent you from feeling confident when you own the stage?

- Lesson 04: More importantly, what can you do at the present moment to overcome them?

Module 05: Solution Step 1: Raise Your Awareness [Duration: 22 mins]

- Lesson 01: What are some techniques that you can use to develop a keen sense of self-awareness?

- Lesson 02: How specifically can sharpening your sense of self-awareness help you break the cycle of negative anticipation when it comes to speaking, especially under pressure.

- Lesson 03: Why is it important to become more aware of how you're thinking and feeling so that you can fix negative anticipation?

Module 06: Solution Step 2. Increase Your Presence [Duration: 18 mins]

- Lesson 01: Why is increasing your presence considered “the secret key” to overcoming negative anticipation?

- Lesson 02: What are the techniques to cultivate presence and confidently face any speaking situation?

- Lesson 03: How can you utilize presence as an effective tool to stop worrying about situations, words, letters or sounds?

Module 07: Solution Step 3. Start Using Passive Learning [Duration: 11 mins]

What exactly is Passive Learning and how can it make it easy for you to change your mindset, think more positively, constructively and stop worrying about the future? This is what you’ll gain from this session.

Module 08: Solution Step 4. Exchange Your Old Negative Experiences With Your Newly Created Positive Ones [Duration: 19 mins]

- Lesson 01: What if it's possible to replace negative experiences with positive ones and build up your confidence as a speaker?

- Lesson 02: How can you rewrite your speech story to achieve this in the face of negative anticipation?

- Lesson 03: Why do you automatically scan ahead and anticipate a problem with certain words, letters and sounds?

- Lesson 04: Why do you often worry about upcoming speaking experiences, feel anxious, nervous, even lose sleep?

- Lesson 05: In this session I’ll tell you why and provide you with a proven solution to help you stop that from happening and even start looking forward to upcoming speaking experiences, both socially and professionally.


- Verbalization [Duration: 10 mins]

- Visualization - A 5 Step Mental Rehearsal Process [Duration: 18 mins]

- 7x7x7 Breathing Exercise [Duration: 12 mins]

- These 6 Laws of Smooth and Confident Speech Will Determine Your Success or Failure [Duration: 31 mins]

- What’s Your Purpose for Speaking? V.I.C. and R.I.C. [Duration: 07 mins]

- Am I Impacting the Listener [Duration: 07 mins]

- Am I adding value? [Duration: 04 mins]

- Am I Clear [Duration: 07 mins]


- Intro to Speaking Confidently With People In Authority [Duration: 05 mins]

- Why You May Struggle Around Authority [Duration: 08 mins]

- How You Feel When Speaking Around Authority [Duration: 08 mins]

- How to Speak Confidently Around Authority Figures [Duration: 24 mins]

Pro90d - The ULTIMATE Smooth Speech System

Self-Study - Course Modules

Module 01: Prerequisites: Build a Solid Foundation for Your Success [Duration: 3.5 hr]

- Immersion Is the Secret You Have Been Looking For

- How to Use the Mini-Habits Strategy

- These 6 Laws of Smooth and Confident Speech Will Determine Your Success or Failure

- The Science

- Talk to Your IT Dept

- Remember Your Successes

- Accumulate Successes

- Create Opportunities, Don’t Wait

- Know That It Is Just a Matter of Time

- Exercise: Why is Science so Important?

- Power of Self-Talk Step 1

- Power of Self-Talk Step 2

- Power of Self-Talk Step 3

- Exercise: How Will You Use Self-Talk Going Forward?

- How to Verbalize Your Way to Success

- Visualization - A 5-Step Mental Rehearsal Process

-Foundation Exercise

Module 02: Change the Way You See Yourself As a Speaker [Duration: 3.5 hr]

- How to Create a Brand-New Speaking Identity

- Rewrite Your Story

- What Is a Speaking Identity Anyway?

- What Is Modeling And How It Transforms Your Speech

- How Does Your Model Think?

- How Does Your Model Feel?

- How Does Your Model Act And Speak?

- How to Model In Your Daily Speech?

- Meet Mona, Your Perfect Example of How to Model

- This Is Exactly How to Practice Modeling

- Practice This Modeling Clip First

- Practice This Modeling Clip Second

- How Modeling Helps You Create the Perfect Blueprint for Smooth Speech

- Free-Flow Modeling

- A Complete Review of the Power of Modelling

Module 03: How to Relax And Slow Down? [Duration: 2.2 hr]

- How to Be Relaxed and Calm

- The 7x7x7 Breathing Exercise

- The Free-Flow Speaking Exercise

- The Free-Flow Speaking Exercise Part 2

- Free Flow Modeling Practice

- The Power of Airflow Linking

- Simple ASS Formula

Module 04: How Can You Take Control of Your Speech Now With Proactive Speech [Duration: 2.1 hr]

- How to Be Proactive and Speak Proactively

- Extending for Control and Smoothness

- Blending Your Words for Smoothness and Flow

- Extending and Blending

- The Power of Airflow Linking When You Get Stuck

- What Is Articulation?

- Exercise for Articulation

- Inflecting for Energy

- Emphasizing for Engagement

- Get Your Body Into It

- Focus Your Eyes Forward

- Finishing Words for Clarity

- Finishing Your Thoughts for Clarity

Module 5: How to Speak Confidently In Conversations, Presentations, On the Phone and In Impromptu Situations [Duration: 1.6 hr ]

- Confident Conversations

- Confident Presentations

- How to Think On Your Feet

- How to Speak Calmly by Phone

- Reading Aloud Like A Pro

Module 06: Use V.I.C. and R.I.C. to Engage Your Listeners [Duration: 25 mins]

- What’s Your Purpose for Speaking? V.I.C. and R.I.C.

- Am I Adding Value

- Am I Impacting the Listener

- Am I Clear

Module 07: The Ultimate Presentation SystemUltimate Presentation System Overview [Duration: 1.7 hr]

- Anticipation Phase
- The Preparation Phase
- The Practice Phase
- Here Are 2 Things Not to Do Before Your Presentation
- Take These 4 Actions Before Your Presentation
- Here Are 12 Powerful Presentation Strategies
- Strategy 1. Start Slow
- Strategy 2. Open by Thanking Them
- Strategy 3. Ask a Couple of Questions In the Beginning
- Strategy 4. Use the Q and A Structure to Present
- Strategy 5. Thank Your Audience for Their Questions
- Strategy 6. Ask Them, “Did I Answer Your Question?”
- Strategy 7. Smile During Your Presentations
- Strategy 8. Look for the Energy Boosters In the Audience
- Strategy 9. Hijack the Hijacker
- Strategy 10. Focus on the Walk-a-Away for Your Audience
- Strategy 11. Repeat Yourself - Repeat Yourself
- Strategy 12. Wrap It Up By Doing These Things

Module 08: How to Interview With Confidence [Duration: 45 mins]

- What’s the Purpose of This Interview
- How to Prepare for You Interview So You Crush It
- What to Do On the Day of the Interview

Daily Audios

- You Are An Amazing Speaker Affirmation Audio
- Day One - Introduction
- Day One - Step 1. You Do Not Have to Rush
- Day Two - Step 2. Pause Before You Speak
- Day Three - Step 3. Use Intro Words or Sounds
- Day Four - Step 4. Extend Your First Few Words
- Day Five - Step 5. Blend Your Words
- Day Six - Step 6. Practice Daily
- Day Seven - Step 7. Use This Every Time You Speak
- Day Seven - Follow-up Session

Bonus Module: Supplementary Training: The Basics: The ABCs

- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech Intro
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Activate
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - 7 Questions to Activate
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Break the Loop - Stop
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Break the Loop - Replace
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Break the Loop - CatchStopReplace
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Catch Yourself
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Create - Consistent Training
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Create - Find a Model
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Create - Flood Your Mind
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Create - 3P Statements
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Create - Challenge Yourself
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Create - Look for Successes
- Stop Stuttering The ABCs of Smooth Speech - Complete Review

Bonus Module: Get started Speaking EASIER

- Introduction

- How to Get Started Easier

Super Helpful Resources

- Super Helpful Links to Super Helpful Resources

Bonus Module: 21 Steps to Start Speaking Smoothly and Confidently

- Introduction
- Step 1
- Step 2
- Step 3
- Step 4
- Step 5
- Step 6
- Step 7
- Step 8
- Step 9
- Step 10
- Step 11
- Step 12
- Step 13
- Step 14
- Step 15
- Step 16
- Step 17
- Step 18
- Step 19
- Step 20
- Step 21

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"Believe me, if you want to talk so that your audience listens, then you have knocked at the right door."

“The Pro90d - Ultimate Smooth Speech System has made me a completely new person. Today, I am an effective speaker and a relaxed person when facing high pressure situations. It has made me realize my dream of being able to speak with ease, speak with energy and enthusiasm, speak with confidence and speak with joy. The best part is when I hear people tell me that my biggest asset is my speech.”


"I was having minor stuttering issues from my childhood. (Pro90d) videos helped me overcome my stuttering to a great extent."

"And guess what? I cleared group discussions and a second round of interviews, securing a lucrative job offer during my campus placement. Thank you once again Michael for all that you did !!Cheers !!”


"My speech improved so much that a university physicist asked me "what university did l attend?"

“l am a native english speaking person but l would awakes get nervous at public speaking, interviews, speaking with friends and the opposite sex. l would speak too fast, stumble my words and lose my train of thought. Within 48 hours after taking this short online course, l noticed a big difference in how smoother l spoke and how articulate my words became."

What Our VSMC Members Are Saying

Master clear communication for confident and impactful speaking in any setting.

"What I liked about the session was that it was well organized and structured." -Malika

"What I like about the session is that it is engaging and feels like a non-judgmental space. We are all struggling with the same issue." -S.Scott

"The constructive feedback given helped me identify specific areas for improvement, which I believe is essential for becoming an excellent communicator. Sometimes, you may not see these areas for yourself." -Malika

"The opportunity to speak before a group where it is okay to fail and, of course, to succeed, creates the ideal environment for practicing your communication skills." -Malika

"The introduction provided valuable guidance on what to pay attention to, with the main focus on speaking slowly and inflecting. This made it easier for the speaker to focus on that aspect." -Malika

"Yes, I did benefit from the session in terms of remembering to breathe, speak slowly, and extend and blend my words." -S.Scott

(What did you like most about this meeting? )

"The theory whereby in the beginning you have to shift 80% of your focus on you speaking skills and not on the content." -Malika

(What did you like most about this meeting? )

"The real-life situation and the feedback from the experts." -Madhukar

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Master clear communication for confident and impactful speaking in any setting.

Professional Settings

Communicate effectively in meetings, giving updates, sharing thoughts, and defending positions.

Career Advancement

Ace your interviews to land the jobs you desire, both in-person and online.

Public Speaking

Make engaging, value-based, and relevant presentations in any setting, either impromptu or planned.

Virtual Events

Articulate your thoughts in any virtual speaking event with confidence.

Benefits In Joining Us

Gain clarity on your future, nurture your creativity, and acquire a recession-proof communication skill.

  • Personalized Coaching: You'll get tailored feedback on your speaking style.
  • Hybrid Communication Skills: You'll master the art of communicating well in both virtual and in-person settings.
  • Supportive Community: You'll be part of a community that understands your challenges and supports your journey.
  • Skill Development: You'll master the 9 Proactive Speaking Skills crucial for articulate speech.
  • Professional Growth: You'll improve your verbal communications, a vital asset in your professional life.