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The Purpose

Become confident and effective speaker, both in person and virtually.

By joining Pro90d's Virtual Speech Masters Club, you will be able to:

Achieve fluent and seamless speech patterns (Speak smoothly).

Manage your anxiety and nerves when speaking (Feel Calm).

Build your self-assurance in verbal communication (Feel Confident).

Articulate your thoughts clearly and concisely (Articulate Clearly).

Excel in any virtual speaking event, mastering the art of captivating online audiences (Excel in virtual events).

What Our Members Are Saying

Master clear communication for confident and impactful speaking in any setting.

"What I liked about the session was that it was well organized and structured." -Malika

"What I like about the session is that it is engaging and feels like a non-judgmental space. We are all struggling with the same issue." -S.Scott

"The constructive feedback given helped me identify specific areas for improvement, which I believe is essential for becoming an excellent communicator. Sometimes, you may not see these areas for yourself." -Malika

"The opportunity to speak before a group where it is okay to fail and, of course, to succeed, creates the ideal environment for practicing your communication skills." -Malika

"The introduction provided valuable guidance on what to pay attention to, with the main focus on speaking slowly and inflecting. This made it easier for the speaker to focus on that aspect." -Malika

"Yes, I did benefit from the session in terms of remembering to breathe, speak slowly, and extend and blend my words." -S.Scott

(What did you like most about this meeting? )

"The theory whereby in the beginning you have to shift 80% of your focus on you speaking skills and not on the content." -Malika

(What did you like most about this meeting? )

"The real-life situation and the feedback from the experts." -Madhukar

Where To Apply The

Knowledge & Skills You'd Learn

Master clear communication for confident and impactful speaking in any setting.

Professional Settings

Communicate effectively in meetings, giving updates, sharing thoughts, and defending positions.

Career Advancement

Ace your interviews to land the jobs you desire, both in-person and online.

Public Speaking

Make engaging, value-based, and relevant presentations in any setting, either impromptu or planned.

Virtual Events

Articulate your thoughts in any virtual speaking event with confidence.

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Benefits In Joining Us

Gain clarity on your future, nurture your creativity, and acquire a recession-proof communication skill.

  • Personalized Coaching: You'll get tailored feedback on your speaking style.
  • Hybrid Communication Skills: You'll master the art of communicating well in both virtual and in-person settings.
  • Supportive Community: You'll be part of a community that understands your challenges and supports your journey.
  • Skill Development: You'll master the 9 Proactive Speaking Skills crucial for articulate speech.
  • Professional Growth: You'll improve your verbal communications, a vital asset in your professional life.

Exclusive Resources You'll Get

Get personalized coaching, exclusive courses, and comprehensive learning materials.

Access to Pro90d Courses

  • Pro90d - The Ultimate Smooth Speech System: A self-paced course designed to make you an articulate and confident speaker.
  • Bonus: The Ultimate Presentation System: A supplementary course focusing on delivering high-impact presentations.
  • Extra Bonus: Wave Goodbye to Worry Course: This is designed to help you overcome worry, fear, and negative anticipation, especially when presenting or speaking in high-pressure situations.

Access to Comprehensive Learning Materials

  • Videos: You can watch visual guides to help you master the art of speaking.
  • Audios: You can listen on-the-go to further enhance your speaking skills.
  • PDFs: You can read detailed notes and guides for focused learning.

Experience a Free Club Session & Watch members' speeches