Virtual Versatility

Mastering Meetings & Presentations in Any Setting

Do you work in a virtual or hybrid environment?

Is it difficult to get team members engaged during

meetings and presentations?

Do you find it challenging to present effectively on video ?

We've Got the Perfect Solution for You!

Are These Communication Challenges Plaguing Your Teams?

Experience a workshop like no other, where your team will learn to excel in presentations across a range of settings, both virtual and face-to-face

  • Do feelings of anxiety hinder your team's ability to speak in public or around senior figures?
  • Does your team find it challenging to deliver messages that are both clear and concise?
  • Is engaging your audience during virtual presentations a constant struggle?
  • Are you looking to enhance your speaking style to make a lasting impact with voice inflection, rhythm, and flow?
  • How can your team effectively communicate non-verbally in virtual settings?
  • Do visual aids in presentations seem more like a hindrance than a help?
  • Are distractions during presentations a common issue for your team?
  • Does the thought of technical difficulties during a presentation cause concern?
  • Is your team equipped to handle technical snafus with confidence and poise?

Check Out Michael's Mini-Workshop:

"3 Major Challenges of Working In a Virtual Environment"

  • Are you feeling awkward or uncomfortable on video calls?
    Discover strategies to overcome the weirdness of being on camera and boost your confidence in virtual meetings.
  • Is fear of public speaking holding you back?
    Learn how to conquer fears of failure and judgment, and reduce the pressure to perform, whether speaking in public or virtually.
  • Struggling to keep your audience engaged during presentations?
    Find out how to maintain and even boost engagement in any meeting setting, ensuring your message is heard and remembered.

My name is Michael Williams, Pro90d Founder and Speech coach. If you said yes to any of the above my team and I can help you. We've created the "Virtual Versatility: Mastering Meetings & Presentations in Any Setting" workshop, based on my 12 years of virtual online teaching, training, and coaching experience. Prior to starting Pro90d I was certified by Hillsborough Community College to create and teach courses online, which I did for several years. Since then, I've conducted live webinars, group coaching and private coaching sessions, and have over 54 thousand Udemy students world-wide. My courses are used by businesses globally. My coaching clients have included employees from companies like Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

Meet Farrukh Mehdi, a testament to resilience and transformation, and a certified Pro90d Speech Coach. Farrukh's journey is one of profound inspiration, from his roots in Karachi, Pakistan, to his academic achievements, holding a BS in Biomedical Engineering with a specialization in Neuroscience. As my client, Farrukh has not only conquered severe speech impediments but has emerged as a beacon of hope for countless individuals globally. His dedication to personal growth and effective communication shines through every interaction. Now, as a certified Pro90d Speech Coach, Farrukh channels his experiences into guiding others on their own transformative journeys.

Pro90d has become a popular choice among prominent companies seeking to improve their employees' communication competencies.

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Workshop Format

This comprehensive training can be delivered in a three-part format to maximize learning and convenience:

  • One-third in a retreat format off-site (in person), providing an immersive environment conducive to focused learning and team-building.
  • One-third through virtual sessions, allowing participants to engage and practice from the comfort of their own space.
  • One-third on-site (in person), integrating the learned skills into the familiar workplace setting.

Each dynamic session will last approximately 90 minutes, designed to fit within your team's busy schedules while providing in-depth learning and practice opportunities.

This is customizable!

Learn More About the Workshop

Exclusive Workshop Modules

Session Breakdown

Participants will engage in a series of modules that cover various aspects of speaking in-person and virtually.

This is customizable!

Hands-on Experience

Our workshop emphasizes practical application. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct both an in-person meeting and a virtual meeting, applying the skills learned to real-world scenarios.


Where Your Teams Can Apply the

Knowledge & Skills You Learn

Professional Settings

Communicate effectively in meetings, giving updates, sharing thoughts, and defending positions.

Career Advancement

Ace your interviews to land the jobs you desire, both in-person and online.

Public Speaking

Make engaging, value-based, and relevant presentations in any setting, either impromptu or planned.

Virtual Events

Articulate your thoughts in any virtual speaking event with confidence.

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